Finding FlexFuel is No Great Labor in Minnesota

For many Minnesotans, the Labor Day weekend means a last weekend at the lake, or a visit to the relatives, or a last taste of the State Fair. Whatever your plans are, they likely involve some additional driving.

For those who own a flex fuel vehicle, Minnesota has the most extensive network of E85 fueling stations in North America. With a little planning and the right app on your smartphone or vehicle navigation system, finding the next E85 station down the road is easy. Or, for those who prefer the old school method of navigation, the Minnesota FlexFuel and E15 Gasoline Directory is a handy addition to the glove compartment. Updated regularly by the American Lung Association’s Clean Air Choice team, this brochure not only lists all the stations that sell ethanol blends, it also lists all of the vehicles that can use ethanol blends. Be sure to pick one up at your neighborhood E85 outlet – they’re free.

The holiday intended to honor American workers is a great time to use a cleaner-burning fuel that is made in America, creates new jobs, and helps to support our rural economy.

Wishing a safe and happy holiday for all.

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