Family Fun, Food, and Learning at Farmfest

If you have any interest in big machinery or technology, this week’s Farmfest is an event you don’t want to miss. We’ve already learned about all the energy savings and technological efficiencies of the operations at an ethanol plant, but what about some of the latest technologies used on a farm? The place to see all of this first-hand is in Redwood County this week.

From August 7-9, Farmfest takes over the fields near Morgan, MN. The largest outdoor Ag event in Minnesota, Farmfest features some amazing equipment on display, a chance for networking with Ag industry leaders, the latest in farm technology, rural policy forums, and all sorts of news, educational resources, and family-friendly activities. This year, with the primary and midterm elections on many people's minds, there will be four political forums giving those attending Farmfest the opportunity to hear candidates talk about important issues.

One not-to-miss attraction at Farmfest is the Minnesota Corn Growers Association booth space. In addition to learning all about the countless ways “MN Corn Grows MN,” you can have a chance to try sweet corn ice cream and DDGS fortune cookies. DDGS, or dried distillers grains (with solubles), is one of the co-products of producing ethanol for our vehicles. While there are 400,000 drivers in Minnesota who have flex-fuel vehicles capable of running on higher blends of ethanol fuel like E30, E50, or E85, you may not realize that nearly every drop of unleaded fuel in Minnesota is blended with 10% ethanol.

Not only does ethanol blended fuel help preserve our air quality, its production also touches and benefits many areas of our local economies, such as the DDGS, which is a high protein livestock feed. Ethanol production is an important driver in our state's economy and at Farmfest, you can see just how much this locally-made fuel means to Minnesota.

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