Cleaner Air at the Fair

Although State Fair season signifies the nearing end of summer, many have long been anticipating Minnesota’s Great Get Together. Along with the music, food, and activities, the Minnesota State Fair has a 2 p.m. parade every day. With record-breaking daily attendance already occurring on more than just the opening day of 2018, we’re sure to have a great audience to witness the Flex Fuel Vehicle “Seeing is Believing” float.

Teaching more people about our state’s largest source of air pollution – vehicle exhaust – is important, but even more so, is teaching individuals how they can help combat this problem. On Wednesday, August 29th and Thursday, August 30th, a flex fuel vehicle running on cleaner-burning E85 fuel will roll through the State Fair parade route. Flex fuel vehicles can use gasoline or ethanol blends interchangeably, but those that use E85 emit fewer harmful pollutants compared to the same vehicle running on petroleum gasoline. FFVs using E85 also provide a reduction in GHG emissions.
Flex fuel vehicles have made many appearances in past Minnesota State Fair parades. Visit the daily parade on either August 29th or 30th to find out what the FFV float looks like this year!

There are nearly 400,000 FFVs on Minnesota roads today, like the ones pictured here. With E85 and mid-level ethanol blend locations increasing around Minnesota, many motorists have a "clean air choice" every time they are at the pump.

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