Fueling Better in Minnesota, Thanks to POET

You see ethanol blend fuels all across Minnesota, but have you ever wondered where the ethanol is produced? In this post, we’ll look at one major ethanol producer in our state: POET Biorefining.

POET has grown from a single refinery in South Dakota to become one of the largest producers of ethanol fuel in the world with more than twenty-five plants across seven different states. Four of those POET plants are in Minnesota: one in Albert Lea (Glenville), in Bingham Lake, in Lake Crystal, and in Preston. These four Minnesota facilities have a combined output of approximately 179 million gallons of ethanol fuel every year.

The POET plants also produce other useful products such as dried distiller’s grains and corn oil (sold under the VoilĂ  brand name). Many Minnesotan ethanol plants are now recovering corn oil, which is used to make biodiesel. So the facilities are now producing two renewable fuels and a highly marketable protein-packed animal feed, all from the same bushel of corn that was once used solely as livestock feed.

POET plants not only provide a market for Minnesota’s farmers, they also provide badly needed jobs in rural communities. The ethanol industry as a whole contributes billions of dollars to the state’s economy.

So when you fill your tank with a cleaner-burning ethanol blended fuel, you’re also helping a growing industry, helping our local economy, and helping to keep our air a little healthier.

Read about another of the ethanol producers in Minnesota here.

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