Waterville's Phil Mart Offers Big Time Savings, Small Town Service

Last week we posted a brief update on all the newest stations in Minnesota offering E85 or E15. Today, we’re digging a little deeper with one of them and sharing the story of PhilMart in Waterville. We spoke with one of the owners, Jeff LaFrance about his station. Jeff and his wife Lorie own the station along with Lorie’s mother, Fern Renken, who's managed the station since 1983. Last year, the three station owners made a big decision to add new fuels. We asked Jeff to tell us a little about why they made this decision.

Jeff explained the biggest reason was they simply had to update their old pumps. As they began researching options and learned about ethanol blends, the new fuel choices became more appealing. “Not only was some grant money available to add ethanol blender pumps, but these new fuels also benefit Minnesota’s local economy and helps protect our air quality in the Midwest. Most importantly to us as station owners, it differentiates us from our competitors in the area. I think it’s a win-win for Minnesota, the Midwest, and for us.”

The best part about updating their old pumps is consumers quickly noticed the changes and the new choices. According to Jeff, initial reactions from his customers have been very positive. He said, “As a small business, of course one of our goals is to earn money, but a big part of why we are successful is because we care about giving our customers good options, good value, and good deals.” At Phil-Mart, 88 octane is priced a nickel less than regular unleaded gasoline and the E85 price was about 65 cents less than regular unleaded at the time of this writing.

He also stated their desire as a small business to be involved in the local community and as part of that community, they want to help make it a better place to live. From a bigger picture, deciding to offer ethanol blends at their store means more customers have the option to choose cleaner-burning, less-polluting products in their vehicles.

“Ethanol fuels are a good value product, better for the air, and you know you’re helping the local agriculture and economy in Waterville,” he concluded. “In a small town like ours, when there’s an opportunity to help each other, you take it.”

Phil-Mart is located at 437 E. Main Street in Waterville, just east of State Highway 13.

Use the search function on MNFuels.com to find other E85, flex fuel, or 88 octane stations near you.

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