April Fuels Day

Ethanol blends are a cheaper, cleaner option. It's no joke; we're not fooling you!

Ethanol blends are not only less expensive than regular unleaded, they produce fewer tailpipe emissions than conventional gasoline.  If you are one of the many Minnesotans driving a flex fuel vehicle that can use ethanol blends or regular unleaded, there are more than 350 E85 stations located in Minnesota, offering the ethanol based fuel at prices significantly lower than regular unleaded.

Those who own gasoline-powered vehicles made within the past 17 years have an ethanol option now as well. E15 fuel, sometimes known simply as “88 Octane,” is available at a growing number of fuel retailers in Minnesota, and can be used in vehicles that are 2001 or newer. Like E85, it is often priced lower than regular unleaded.

As the weather warms and summer travel season begins in earnest, Minnesotans are fortunate to have some choices at the pump that are better on their pocketbooks and helps to keep our air clean, too.

So where do you go to find these less expensive and cleaner alternatives?
For flex fuel vehicles, find your nearest E85 station here
For 2001 and newer vehicles that are not flex fuel vehicles, find your nearest 88 octane station

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