Meet These Business Owners on National Mom & Pop Business Owner's Day

Did you know March 29th is annually considered National Mom & Pop Business Owner's Day? This provides an opportunity to introduce one of the many station owners who are listed in the MNFuels directory, offering ethanol blended fuel.

Celebrate National Mom & Pop Business Owner’s Day today with Margaret and Michael Bauer, local business owners of Bauer’s Minnetonka Minnoco® which also is the home to Minnetonka U-Haul® and Bauer's Custom Hitches®. The proud first generation owners have been in the service station, fuel, and propane business for 30 years. 

In the spring of 2015, the Bauer’s rebranded as a Minnoco gas station. With support from the Minnesota Service Station & Convenience Store Association, Minnesota Department of Agriculture, Minnesota Corn Growers, American Lung Association in Minnesota, Prime the Pump, and Growth Energy, Bauer’s Minnoco has been able to offer more choices at the pump for their consumers by adding E15, E30 and E85 fuels. The result is giving their customers better products for lower cost. Ethanol blends such as E15, E30 and E85 promote greater performance in car engines, better air quality compared to traditional petroleum fuels, and are less expensive at the pump. Another plus (if you aren’t convinced yet): these Minnoco fuels are proudly made in America!

Like many small business owners, relationships with customers are central to the Bauer’s operation where their business motto is "Where our Customers Become our Friends." Margaret and Michael know most of their customers by name, they’re striving for the best customer service you will find anywhere, and they train their employees to do the same. Moreover, they take time to educate their customers on the benefits of biofuels such as ethanol and propane, as well as assist them with their other products of gas, hitches, electrical wiring, U-Haul rentals, moving boxes and more.

Another reason to really celebrate National Mom & Pop Business Owner’s Day with the Bauers is because these small business owners are strongly integrated and respected in their community. The Bauer’s mom and pop business epitomizes the spirit of the friendly corner neighborhood gas station. They invite you to stop in when you are in the neighborhood. Shown in the photo to the left, each October during Breast Cancer Awareness month, Bauer's along with the rest of the Minnocos, donate a portion of their proceeds from the sale of E15 fuel to Hope Chest, a local charity.

Margaret and Michael's business is an example of how small businesses play a critical role in the community and our local economy.

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