With More Choices At The Pump, Everyone Is A Winner

Two Winner gas stations and convenience stores in Richfield and in Saint Paul are among the estimated 173 fuel outlets in Minnesota that added 88 octane gasoline to their pumps in 2017.  We spoke with manager Eddie Elias about the fuels his stations now offer.  “It’s helping my business big time,” Elias said. “It’s cheaper and people are excited about that.”

Elias has been managing the Winner Gas station at 2233 Energy Park Drive in St. Paul for a number of years, and this year began managing the Richfield location at 7733 Portland Ave.  He had talked with other station owners about ethanol-blend fuels such as E85, E30 and E15, and he knew they were good sellers. He also became aware of the environmental benefits of using ethanol fuels, so he decided to offer his customers more choices at the pump.

“Our overall gallons sold has gone up, so clearly it’s working,” he said. “A lot of people have switched over from 87 octane, and a few have switched from 91 octane to the great 88.”  While 88 octane E15 has a higher octane than regular unleaded, it is usually priced less per gallon. E15 can be used by any gasoline vehicle 2001 or newer, but should not be used in boats, lawnmowers or other small engine equipment.

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